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The objectives of the Association are:
1. supporting the idea of territorial self-government and the defense of the common interests of the members of the Association;
2. fostering the development of cooperation and integration of local government units of Lodz Metropolitan Area;
3. promoting the partnership model of cooperation;
4. supporting socio-economic development of Lodz Metropolitan Area;
5. development of the common policy of associated local territorial government units;
6. increasing the impact of Lodz Metropolitan Area on the direction and the way of the implementation of activities in its area supported under the cohesion policy.

The Association pursues its objectives by:
1. the implementation of the Development Strategy for the Lodz Metropolitan Area, which is at the same time the Strategy of Integrated Territorial Investments, in compliance with the implementation of the Integrated Territorial Investments in Poland, and with the applicable provisions of law, established under the project ” Development Strategy for the Lodz Metropolitan Area” , co-financed by the European Union and the state budget under the Technical Assistance Operational Programme 2007-2013;
2. performing the tasks specified in the contract or agreement between the Association and the Managing Institution of the Lodz Region Operational Programme for 2014 – 2020 on the implementation of the Integrated Territorial Investments;
3. inspiring activities enabling effective and efficient management of Lodz Metropolitan Area;
4. representing the interests of members of the Association in all common affaires;
5. initiating and giving opinions on the projects of law regulations relevant to the local government and relevant to the Lodz Metropolitan Area in the first place;
6. promoting the exchange of experience if it comes to the tasks of municipalities and counties, as well as actions and task assigned to them by the government on the national level
7. inspiring and undertaking joint economic initiatives affecting the development of local government units belonging to the Association;
8. informing, advising and programming activities aimed at solving common problems in the various fields of activity of local government units of Lodz Metropolitan Area;
9. supporting the academic research on the functioning of the Lodz Metropolitan Area and its development;
10. monitoring of socio – economic and environmental processes in the Lodz Metropolitan Area;
11.  conducting informational and promotional activities aiming at the achievement of the Association’s goals.

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